Nociceptol gm

Nociceptol Gel 120 ml

Nociceptol is a gel with Essential Oil which acts effectively and quickly against acute chronic or nociceptive pains. It is faster and more effective than a 5% ibuprofen-based gel.

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Nociceptol Gel 120 ml


Indications of Nociceptol Gel 120 ml :


Nociceptol Gel 120 ml is a pain relief gel with Essential Oils, faster and more effective than a 5% ibuprofen-based gel.


Nociceptol Gel 120 ml fights pain : Acute - Nociceptive- Chronic.


Of the three main categories of pain, the most common is nociceptive. This type of pain is the result of real or potential lesions that lead to excessive pain impulses activity in an unimpaired nervous system. This is the pain generally experienced in all types of trauma, whether muscular, joint or arthritic.


Nociceptol is a gel that quickly soothes and relieves nociceptive pain, thanks in particular to its combined hot and cold action. Thermal sensations vary by user. The natural benefits of essential oils further enhance its efficacy.


Nociceptol also reduces swelling. As a result, it is indicated in cases of contracture, sprain, contusion, overextension, straining and various other traumas.


The efficacy of Nociceptol pain relief gel, on nociceptive pain and chronic, persistent inflammatory pain models, was proven in an in-vivo study conducted by the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research, CNRS UMR 7286, November 2013).


Composition of Nociceptol Gel 120 ml :


Mentha piperata oil; menthol; illite; aqua, propylene glycol, Harpagophytum procubens root extract; aqua, propylene glycol, Equisetum arvense extract; camphre; Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil; Melaleuca leucadendron cajaputi oil; Thymus vulgaris flower:leaf oil.


Directions for use Nociceptol Gel 120 ml :


Adults and Children, over the age of 7 years. Apply to painful areas in a light massage (do not rub), 3 or 4 times daily. Wash hands after use. Close tube completely after use.


Remarks :


Non greasy.

Non staining.

Non stick.

Parabene free.


Warnings :


For external use only.

Do not give to Children under 7.

Do not use if you are pregnant.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Do not apply to open wounds or to damaged or irritated skin.

Do not use under an occlusive dressing.

Do not use in combination with creams, bags, liniments, sprays or massage oils.

If ingested, immediately contact a Doctor, Pharmacist or Poison Control Centre.

If pain persists more than 5 days, or if an irritation develops after application, stop using the gel and check with a medical professional.

Do not use with heating devices.


Display of Nociceptol Gel 120 ml :


120 ml tube.


Conservation of Nociceptol Gel 120 ml :


6 months after opening.


Made in France.

Manufacturer : SNEP

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