Lavender Floral Water

Take advantage of benefits of the natural purity of Floral Waters. Let's discover Lavender Floral Water.

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Lavender Floral Water 


Indications of Lavender Floral Water :


Subtle and precious, Floral Waters take care of your skin smoothly and clean it.

Floral Waters have the properties of Essential Oils obtained by distillation and are refreshing.

Floral Waters enter in composition of tonic lotions or nourishing and delicately perfumed creams.

The Lavender Floral Water has soothing, rejuvenating and regenerating properties of which we can take advantage for burns, for example. It is easy to use for Children.


Precautions for use of Lavender Floral Water :


Do not ingest Lavender Floral Water .

Keep Lavender Floral Water  out of reach and sight of Children and Pets.

In case of irritation, stop use immediately. If the symptoms persist, please consult a Doctor.


Presentation of Lavender Floral Water :


Recyclable plastic flask of 100 ml with black spray cap.


Preservation of Lavender Floral Water :


Lavender Floral Water  is to be kept in a fresh place and out of direct sunlight.

Lavender Floral Water preserves 3 months after opening.


Price in the liter of Lavender Floral Water :


46 € the liter.

Manufacturer : AWM, Ltd, S3 8AL

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